What you need to know before hiring your own security guard

How do I know if I need a security guard?
September 21, 2017
What does a security guard really do for you?
September 21, 2017

Having a private security guard at your disposal at times becomes a sheer necessity as being a public figure in the midst of other civilians is at times a threat by itself. Before you hire one, what do you need to know? Read on to find out.


The first thing you should take note of is that bodyguards should be trustworthy. Confirm the credibility of the agency you want to hire from. This is someone who may have the privileged to know part of your private life like the contents of your briefcase and so forth. Therefore, safety first!


After you have shortlisted a list of security companies to choose from, the next to consider is the service charge that each company is offering. If your best option has prices hiking to the roof, explore the second best option and gauge your purchasing power. Pay for services you feel comfortable with.


As a president, politician, business tycoon, an artist or just someone successful, note that your achievement is not appreciated by all, thus you need some level of protection. Stalkers, rivals or any other controversial persons that are trying to get to you needs to be stopped. You need to hire a personal bodyguard who will be keeping watch as you perform, give a speech, work or sleep. Explore top-level security, armed or unarmed personal security agents among others.


Are you hosting the world cup, secret service meeting or just a get together party at your apartment? Whatever you are hosting will determine the kind of security you need. It is absurd to hire a mercenary to cover your pool party or an event security for a world-class event. Get your priorities right. Hire the right body guard for the right event.


What beats experience when it comes to seeking services? Nothing of course! Check out the agency’s work experience to determine if they are the right guys for your work. For world class events that will attract public figures from all over the world, you will require nothing but tight security.


Not only in events, do you need to be secured, but you need that when you are traveling to risky areas as well. Say you are the director of an NGO that needs to supply relief in a war torn country, will you risk going unarmed? Probably not, going to those places with a security team will really be of great help.

With that, you now have an idea of what hiring a personal security agent entails.


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