4 reasons why you need to invest in integrated security

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January 3, 2018
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January 5, 2018


Security threats have been evolving and increasing over the years. However, not every company is keeping up with security solutions to mitigate those threats. In fact, some are still using traditional methods that are inadequate.

Below are pointers that highlight how upgrading from a traditional system to an integrated security solution would improve your organisation security.

Protecting buildings, assets and people

Your company has valuable assets including electronic devices, physical equipment, software, hardware, and more. These can be targeted by outsiders and easily accessed if the security infrastructure is not effective, resulting in great losses. Thus, these assets are worth the time and resources to be safeguarded. This can only be done with the help of CCTVs, access control solutions, alarms, and other security components.


CCTVs capture images and monitor movements and suspicious activities. Although it alone does not actively respond to the threat at hand, it captures the needed evidence to pursue the matter. For example, if you are in an educational environment as a teacher, managing a large class of students can be challenging, including ensuring the welfare of each student is taken care of. Installing a CCTV counteracts bullying, giving you an extra eye to tackle these incidents over time. CCTV also helps in self-regulation and prevents people from doing unethical activities as they are being watched constantly. Thus, CCTV contributes to a secure space for people to work in.

Managing contractors and visitors

Technical solutions are needed to manage visitors efficiently. This includes but are not limited to restricting access to only necessary areas and classification of visitors. This can often be more complex than expected, requiring a well-integrated system of security components and expert knowledge. Experts at Live Sensor are able to provide adequate guards service to safeguard your work premises. If you need time to consider your available resources and goals, or you are unsure of what a security guard will do for you, feel free to look into our security guard job description and look into our other security services offered.

Integrated security

Integrated security encompasses a range of security solutions suited to your needs and business goals. With an established team and years of experience and credibility, Live Sensor can integrate or complement your current systems to refine your entire security system.

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