How do I know if I need a security guard?

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September 20, 2017
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September 21, 2017

With all modern security techs like surveillance cameras, facial recognition software, and fingerprint identification, you might feel that there is no way that your premise might be at one time vulnerable to external attacks. What if I told you that you might be wrong? Ever thought about the failure of the security system? Well, here are some of the signs that tell you that you need to hire a security guard to safeguard your premises.

Businesses in high crime areas

Businesses set up in such areas tend to be at high risk. To avoid break-ins, it is vital to have several security guards to protect your assets. Why wait for the police to arrive when you can have trained security guards to handle the situation on the spot.

Parking lots

Parking lots without security are hotspots for mugging and hold-ups. Having a security guard on staff will keep your business, your premises and your customers/employees safe and running as they enter and exit your parking lot. Your cars will be safe too.

Traffic in the building

As your business grows in size and scope, so does the number of customer and employee. This results in congestion leading to a security failure. Look for a company specializing in security to put in place a visitation system that tracks who is coming to and leaving your business premises. It is a great way to protect you against any unauthorized personnel.

Emergency Situations

Are you in need of help during fire outbreak or medical emergencies? Do not fear, security guards have got your back. They are well trained to handle such situations. Once you have hired them, emergency situations will not be as terrifying as they used to be.

Employee and Vendor theft

Looking to control employees and vendors with sticky fingers? Hiring a security guard is imperative to you. They will not only help in deterring such instances but they also act as a deterrence against any dishonest practices.

Record keeping

Security staffs keep daily logs. They jot down special visits and other occurrences when they happen. When guards see that something is out of order, they will always do the necessaries.  These incidents will be recorded in their report. These reports are not only important but also play a key role in assessing the effectiveness of an individual security guard.

Alcohol in the premise

Alcohol is one thing that causes a little trouble, especially when it comes down to people who either exercises little self-control over their drinking or people who behaves in a disruptive manner whenever they drink. Such an individual can start breaking the wine glasses or injure others using the bottles. This is when a security guard comes in handy. Guards are able to settle such disputes in a nick of time without anybody getting hurt or damages caused.

If you’re facing any of these situations or fear something of the sort will happen, you would want to consult with a security guard company that offers a wide range of security services. They can aid in providing you with a plan on how to protect your business.


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