GPS Surveillance

As one of the pioneers in the industry to use GPS surveillance in our investigative works, Live Sensor Security is the expert in the effective and maximum use of this technology. Our GPS vehicle tracking systems allows for the surveillance and following of a subject without the expense of having an investigator. This enables us to gain detailed information of a vehicle and persons whereabouts at a low cost and without the risk of being noticed. Installation is usually temporary, but in certain cases, the owner of a vehicle or piece of high value property may request for a permanent installation to protect their assets.

With Live Sensor Security GPS System, you will be able to:

  • Track a vehicle to the nearest address
  • Determine how long the vehicle remained at any destination
  • Determine how fast the vehicle was driven
  • Provide clues of suspicious activities
  • Prevent employee abuse of company car or vehicles, and unauthorized deviations from scheduled routes
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