3 Commonly Overlooked Benefits of Security Guards

What to look for when you engage in a security guard agency?
September 21, 2017
Does my business need security guards?
November 23, 2017

3 Commonly Overlooked Benefits of Security Guards

Security guards cover a wide range of roles and responsibilities. To be a security guard, one has to go through numerous training and assessment to test their competencies. They are expected to be very fit, familiar with different type of weapons and maintain 100% focus during deployment. Although engaging in a company that provides security guard services would mean additional costs for a business, they are able to make a difference in your company through their wide range of expertise. Today, we will discuss some of the commonly overlooked or misunderstood benefits of security guards.

Security Guard or Police?

The duty of the police is to protect people and property by maintaining law and order in the society. While they can be deployed to settle security breaches in your private facility, they cannot be engaged as an active deterrence force. On the other hand, security guards can be counted upon to be visible and respond to any crisis in the shortest amount of time possible.

Monitoring for Feedback

The main purpose of security guards is to ensure that there will be no violence, threat or intimidation that will take place in the premises of your business. Aside from being ever ready to respond to threats, the experience of security guards means he is able to offer crucial security advise through observations on-duty. This is a commonly overlooked but invaluable benefits that security guards can offer.

Medical Emergencies

Yes, the primary objective of guards is to ensure the safety of properties and people. However, guards are also equipped with skills and knowledge to act in times of medical emergencies. Security agencies periodically send their guards to be first aid verified on top of renewing the necessary security certification. This is to ensure security guards can react and assist in all types of emergency.

Engaging security guards have become an increasingly relevant needs for businesses these days. With the threat of terrorism rising globally, many owners are starting to see security as a basic requirement in their business operation.

In Singapore, the Singapore Police Force governs the private security industry by enforcing strict standards to all firms. Additionally, there is an annual grading exercise to test the competencies of different agency. Agencies have to pass the grading exercise in order to be recognized under the private security act. Therefore, if you are looking for a security agency, make sure the Police Licensing Regulatory Department (PLRD) licenses them.

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