What is the role of security guards in a commercial building?

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November 23, 2017
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December 6, 2017

What is the role of security guards in a commercial building

The demand for commercial security guard services has been increasing in recent times. Many businesses have started to see security guard as part of the basic requirement for efficient business operation. In this article, we will be providing a quick guide to the roles security guards will fulfill when deployed in a commercial building.


Security guards patrol commercial premises to prevent and detect signs of intrusion. They also pay keen attention to any suspicious activity. As they monitor the entry and exit of all employees and guest in the building, security guards are able to detect abnormalities and intruders efficiently.

Access Point Verification

Typically situated in the guardhouse, security guards monitor the entry and exit of personals. They will only allow authorized personnel into the building. For example, all guests, contractors and deliveryman have to be properly identified and verified before being allowed entry. Lastly, security guards are also skilled in doing bag checks to ensure no prohibited or dangerous items are brought into the facility.

Monitoring of Security and Fire Alarm Systems

Security guards are well versed in handling the different systems that maintains the structure’s security and safety integrity. Sometimes, a false fire alarm might be triggered due to factors such as the presence of cigarette smoke. Security guard will then have to verify the legitimacy of the alarm in the shortest time possible. Should there be a false alarm, they will call the fire station immediately for them to rectify the problem.

Response to Emergency

Although it is relatively uncommon to have safety breaches or emergencies in Singapore, it is still a possibility. Security guards are trained to be swift and decisive in such situations to ensure the safety of all personnel and properties. Therefore, in such situations, security guard can save you valuable amount of time and distress.
These are the roles that security guards fulfill, therefore, businesses should start by reaching out to a security agency to assess the needs of their commercial premises through a comprehensive security consultation.

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