Top tips for selecting the right CCTV system

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December 6, 2017
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December 29, 2017

Top tips for selecting the right CCTV system

CCTV systems that provide surveillance and video capture have grown in importance with the increased need for security. However, the range of options in the market can be overwhelming, and you may be wondering how to go about choosing a cost-effective solution for your company. Without going into detail whether you need a CCTV of high definition, software video management, digital camera, below are the top tips and considerations for choosing the right CCTV system that meets your business objectives.

What are your objectives?

You must be clear on the purposes your company has for getting a CCTV or surveillance system. Objectives could range from theft prevention, prohibiting trespassing, to managing checkouts and supervising production activities. After setting out your objectives, it is important to prioritise them and then consider the resources that you have to meet those objectives.

A detailed plan

Once you have prioritized those objectives, you want a detailed plan as to how you are going to meet those objectives. Along the way, you may need to contact an organisation that offers security guard services or an expert in surveillance system to assist you in coming up with a holistic security system. The considerations in the detailed plan are listed below.


First, consider the places in your workplace that require heightened security. Next, you will want to think about where to position the cameras. At times, certain positions may be good as they capture a wide range of visual information. However, you need to consider what kind of movement or visual information you are trying to capture – people’s body movement or the physical assets. Additionally, are you investigating a theft by your own staff or just solely for prevention? If you are going for the former, you may want to consider placing the camera at a less obvious location.


The hardware of cameras must be complemented by effective software. To decide on which software suits your security system, you must consider the number of cameras that you wish to put in place, and whether the cameras are all from the same brand or different brands. You might want a software that can integrate the CCTV, alarm systems, access control and other security measures into a unified system.


Having access to visual records and information is a great advantage only if you know that they will be used. Thus, staffs and people are needed to constantly monitor activity using CCTVs. Recordings are often not monitored in real time. Without constant monitoring, valuable visual information is as good as lost. Therefore there must be staffs to react actively to potential threats and illegitimate personnel. Unsure about the role of security staffs, or if your current system is adequate, you may wish to consider Live Sensor, which provides details on security guard job description to see if it matches your business needs and goals.

You also need to think about the procedures when evidence against a prosecutor is acquired. You have to think about how will these evidences be saved and given to the police or authorities.


Behind security measures, systems, and policies is management. Thus, your management team must be involved in not only approving the financing of your security project, but also ensuring that your staffs are following preventive measures and compliance. Other considerations they must take into account include training, maintenance, and any enduring cost.

Do you need help to ensure that a holistic secure system is in place? Do not be afraid to contact Live Sensor who provide reliable security services.

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