Close Protection

Live Sensor Security is able to deploy professionally trained male and female officers to provide regular residential protection, or short or long term protection assignments. To ensure that are are fully briefed on the operational requirements of our client, it is necessary for us to gather intelligence and complete a full threat analysis and risk assessment. This will enable us our close protection team to conduct their duties effectively and seamlessly. Our close protection services are available for hire anywhere in the world, for any events, circumstances or time periods, covering a range of duties such as:
  • Protection of the client from threats at all times
  • Assessing and Re-assessing any threat or problem
  • Maintain the integrity and security of any premise that the client may visit
  • Assure that the client’s privacy and well-being is maintained at all times
  • Provide protection at all times to anyone associated with the client
Maintain security at the client’s home, business premises, venue or hotels Our clients include high-profile individuals, corporate executives, religious leaders, media personalities, celebrities and others. Your safety is assured with Live Sensor Security.
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